JuryScope is a litigation consulting firm with expertise from more than 25 years and nearly 1,000 cases venued throughout the United States.

JuryScope has years of experience in applying knowledge gained from research to the courtroom. Our expertise assists the trial team in developing trial strategies; analyzing mock juror research results; assessing the impact of opening statements; preparing witnesses (fact and expert) for direct examination and cross examination; case-theme development; jury selection assistance; and assessing the impact of damage presentations and defenses. Listed below are just some of the areas in which JuryScope has experience and a sampling of venues where JuryScope has conducted research and selected juries.

JuryScope Expertise in all Types of Litigation: 


Over the past 15 years, JuryScope has been engaged in over 50 antitrust cases, including both civil and criminal proceedings. These cases have tackled a wide spectrum of antitrust issues, ranging from accusations of monopolistic practices and exclusionary conduct to instances of price fixing and anti-competitive behavior. Representing both plaintiffs and defendants across various contexts including class actions, single-party, and multi-party disputes, our experience demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies within this legal landscape. Clients can trust in our seasoned and adept team to provide expert assistance tailored to the specifics of each case.


Having been retained on dozens of banking cases, JuryScope has honed a deep understanding of effectively communicating the intricate laws and regulations of banking litigation to a jury. This specialized experience allows us to distill complex financial concepts into clear and compelling narratives that resonate with jurors. By translating dense legal jargon into accessible language, we ensure that jurors comprehend the nuances of banking regulations and the significance of each legal argument presented. Our ability to bridge the gap between complex legal frameworks and lay understanding empowers us to advocate persuasively on behalf of our clients.

Class Action

JuryScope’s involvement in dozens of class action cases positions us as seasoned veterans in navigating the intricacies and challenges inherent in these high-stakes legal battles. Our firm’s expertise spans a diverse range of class action suits, encompassing various sectors such as employment disputes, securities and shareholder actions, product liability claims, and antitrust matters. Whether advocating for plaintiffs or defendants, we bring to bear a depth of knowledge honed through years of dedicated practice, ensuring that our clients receive strategic guidance and robust representation at every stage of the litigation process.  Leveraging our wealth of insight and experience, we stand ready to provide comprehensive support to clients embroiled in the complexities of class action litigation.


JuryScope offers extensive expertise garnered from over 125 cases in the past decade. Our approach blends corporate marketing strategies with trial consulting, emphasizing clear and persuasive messaging tailored to complex contractual matters involving intellectual property, employment, antitrust, securities, and business litigation. Offering a range of services including mock trials, focus groups, telephone surveys, and witness preparation, JuryScope’s contract experience spans various areas including accounting and valuation, employee/employer conflicts, fraud, fair competition, and landlord/tenant disputes, with a track record in both state and federal courts across the country. Our experience both in the courtroom and in conducting research has given us a deep understanding about the demographic differences between jurors in different venues and the attitudes these jurors bring to their understanding of contracts, fraud and legal questions of competition.


JuryScope’s expertise extends to the intricate and multifaceted realm of defamation law, where we have been involved in over a dozen cases in both federal and state courts, advocating for both plaintiffs and defendants alike. Our understanding of defamation law nuances, encompassing libel and slander, ensures that clients receive tailored and informed guidance. Whether navigating issues of reputational harm, false statements, or defenses such as truth and privilege, JuryScope’s seasoned consultants provide comprehensive support to clients embroiled in defamation disputes. With a track record of success in this complex legal area, JuryScope offers a dedicated and knowledgeable team equipped to handle the intricacies of defamation cases with precision and expertise.


JuryScope offers a tailored approach to employment litigation having been retained on over 100 employment matters in the past 15 years.  Notably, JuryScope handles a wide array of employment disputes, from contractual disagreements to discrimination claims, disparate impact to at-will employment, whistleblower statutes to non-compete agreements, and from shifting burdens of proof to exempt and non-exempt employees. JuryScope’s consultants have extensive experience in wage-and-hour matters; our clients are often large corporations facing claims of violating laws for compensating employees. These wage-and-hour cases have involved claims of improper compensation for transportation time, rest and meal breaks, overtime, mandatory before and after work activities, as well as misclassification of salaried employees. Our team has been retained on employment cases across the country and offers venue-specific insights across state and federal courts nationwide.


Having been retained on dozens of environmental cases, JuryScope stands as a seasoned player in this growing field, having represented both plaintiffs and defendants. This dual perspective affords JuryScope a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies and dynamics inherent in environmental litigation. Whether advocating for the protection of environmental rights or defending against claims, JuryScope’s expertise proves invaluable. Through meticulous research and a focused approach honed over years of practice, JuryScope empowers trial teams to construct robust cases tailored to the unique demands of environmental disputes. Drawing from a wealth of experience in complex civil matters, JuryScope stands ready to provide strategic guidance and invaluable insights to navigate the complexities of environmental litigation effectively.


With a wealth of experience in insurance litigation, JuryScope stands as a trusted advisor in navigating the complexities of this legal terrain. Over the past 15 years, JuryScope has been retained for over 60 insurance cases, encompassing a wide spectrum of scenarios and challenges. From conducting meticulous mock trials and insightful focus groups to employing strategic jury selection techniques, JuryScope’s involvement in insurance litigation has been multifaceted and comprehensive. Whether addressing issues of coverage disputes, claims investigations, or policy interpretation, JuryScope’s nuanced understanding of insurance litigation dynamics equips clients with the strategic guidance needed to navigate legal challenges effectively and with confidence.

Intellectual Property

JuryScope boasts a formidable track record in intellectual property (IP) litigation, having been retained on hundreds of cases, which represent over 40% of the firm’s client matters. This extensive involvement underscores JuryScope’s unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence in the realm of IP law. From patent disputes to complex copyright and trademark matters, JuryScope has nearly seen it all. Through the strategic deployment of mock trials, focus groups, judge studies, witness preparation, and jury selection processes tailored specifically for IP cases, JuryScope can help your firm navigate the complexities of this type of litigation. The depth and breadth of JuryScope’s IP experience serve as a cornerstone, ensuring that clients benefit from the collective knowledge and proficiency of a seasoned team dedicated to navigating issues of infringement, validity challenges, licensing disputes, and complex damages models.  JuryScope has been retained in IP matters in all the major IP venues as well as other courts that do not traditionally hear matters of infringement and validity. Clients can rely on JuryScope’s unwavering dedication and expertise to guide them through the intricacies of IP litigation with confidence and precision.

Personal Injury

With a rich history of involvement in dozens of personal injury cases spanning the past 15 years, JuryScope emerges as a trusted ally for litigators grappling with this intricate legal landscape. Operating across both State and Federal courts and adeptly representing plaintiffs and defendants alike, JuryScope brings a wealth of experience and versatility to the table. This extensive engagement has equipped the firm with a nuanced understanding of the unique demographic compositions and prevailing attitudes among jurors across various venues. By delving deep into the intricacies of juror demographics and their held views on personal injury cases, JuryScope is uniquely positioned to offer invaluable insights into the dynamics shaping personal injury cases. Through a combination of courtroom acumen and rigorous research methodologies, JuryScope empowers legal teams to navigate the complexities of personal injury litigation with precision and efficacy.

Product Liability

As one of America’s leading consulting firms, JuryScope specializes in litigation with a tailored and customizable approach. Over the past decade, JuryScope has handled over 60 product liability cases in the last 15 years, across state and federal courts, representing plaintiffs and defendants alike. Their extensive experience spans various aspects of product liability, from broadening liability to mitigating damages for sympathetic plaintiffs. By merging marketing techniques with trial consulting strategies, JuryScope ensures messages resonate with jurors, making complex concepts relatable. Offering a comprehensive suite of trial preparation tools, including mock trials and witness preparation, JuryScope’s expertise extends nationwide, providing insights into juror attitudes and preferences across different regions and issues such as construction defects, automobile defects, clothing material defects, and pharmaceutical side effects.

Professional Malpractice

JuryScope has been retained on numerous professional malpractice cases, demonstrating a deep understanding of the complexities inherent in these challenging legal matters. With a wealth of experience in professional negligence and malpractice cases, JuryScope is well-equipped to support clients across various professions. Whether navigating allegations of medical malpractice, legal negligence, accounting errors, or other forms of professional misconduct, JuryScope’s expertise ensures clients receive strategic guidance and invaluable insights throughout the litigation process. By leveraging a combination of proven methodologies and tailored approaches, JuryScope remains dedicated to achieving optimal outcomes for clients facing professional malpractice allegations.


JuryScope, a leading consulting firm renowned for its specialized approach to securities litigation, aids clients in navigating the intricate landscape of financial disputes. With a seasoned team of consultants attuned to the enduring wariness surrounding financial institutions post-2008, JuryScope offers tailored guidance across a spectrum of civil and criminal securities cases nationwide. Leveraging a unique blend of marketing techniques and traditional trial consulting strategies, JuryScope emphasizes clear, persuasive messaging to demystify complex concepts. We have addressed a variety of securities-related issues including derivative actions, SEC, and FINRA matters. This work has included misrepresentation of quality of debt, mortgage-backed securities, questions of defective first lien mortgage loans, stock manipulation/ short sales, GAAP and proper revenue recognition. JuryScope offers a suite of trial preparation tools to bolster client strategies. With extensive experience in state and federal courts, including California, New York, and Massachusetts, JuryScope’s nuanced understanding of juror demographics ensures clients receive comprehensive support tailored to their jurisdiction’s attitudes and dynamics.

Criminal Law

JuryScope provides tailored guidance in criminal matters across a spectrum of high-profile cases, spanning white-collar crime to murder trials. Leveraging a unique blend of marketing techniques and trial consulting strategies, JuryScope ensures clear, persuasive messaging that resonates with jurors in our dozens of criminal matters on which we’ve been retained. Our work in the criminal realm includes white collar crime involving securities fraud, conspiracy, false statements to the SEC, filing false tax returns, misusing public monies, conspiracy, social security fraud, witness tampering, and GAAP violations. Other criminal matters include assault, burglary, murder, rape, arson, obstruction of justice and terrorism.  JuryScope’s understanding of juror demographics ensures clients receive comprehensive support tailored to their jurisdiction’s attitudes and dynamics, whether in state or federal court. Through highly effective tools such as mock trials and witness preparation, JuryScope equips clients to navigate the complexities of criminal litigation with confidence and precision.

JuryScope Expertise Across the Country: 

This chart represents locations JuryScope has provided clients with trial research, witness preparation, assistance in jury selection, trial observation, post-trial interviews, and other litigation services. 

Representative Case Experience

  • Caltech v. Broadcom and Apple (Patent – Los Angeles, CA)
  • Case IH v. Kinze Mfg. (Patent – Wilmington, DE)
  • CGI v. Illumina (Patent Litigation – Wilmington, DE)
  • DTB v. ATP (Antitrust – Wilmington, DE)
  • Farrell v. US Bank (Employment – Minneapolis, MN)
  • Ion Geophysical v. Sercel (Patent – Eastern District of Texas)
  • Philips v. ZOLL (Patent – Boston, Massachusetts)
  • State of Tennessee v. Richardson (Murder Trial – Gallatin, TN)
  • WARF v. Apple (Patent – Western District of Wisconsin)
  • Versata Software v. SAP (Patent Litigation – Marshall (EDTX), TX)
  • Case IH v. Kinze Mfg. (Patent Litigation – Wilmington, DE)
  • CGI v. Illumina (Patent Litigation – Wilmington, DE)
  • DTB v. ATP (Anti-trust Litigation – Wilmington, DE)
  • O2 Micro v. MPS (Patent Litigation – Oakland, CA)
  • IO v. Sercel (Patent Litigation – Texarkana (EDTX), TX)
  • W.L. Gore v. C.R. Bard (Patent Litigation – Wilmington, DE)
  • Compuware v. IBM (Patent Litigation – Detroit, MI)
  • State of Utah v. Workman (White Collar Crime – Salt Lake City, UT)
  • Edminston v. Diversitech General, et al. (Asbestos Litigation – San Francisco, CA)
  • Active Video v. Verizon (Patent Litigation – Norfolk, VA)
  • Farrell v. US Bank (Age Discrimination – Minneapolis, MN)
  • United States of America v. Dr. Louis Tomasetta and Eugene Hovanec (Criminal – New York, NY)
  •  Unsworth v. Musk (Defamation – Los Angeles, CA)
  • California Institute of Technology v. Broadcom et al.
  • Juno Therapeutics, Inc., Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research v. Kite Pharma Inc.
  • Planned Parenthood et al. v. Center for Medical Progress, et al.
  • United States of America v. Katherine P. Kealoha, Louis M. Kealoha, Derek Wayne Hahn, Ming-Hung Ngyuen, and Gordon Shiraishi
  • AT&T v. Microsoft (Intellectual Property – New York, NY)
  • Coulon v. Crompton Corp. (Environmental/Personal Injury – St. Charles Parish, LA)
  • Edminston v. Diversitech General, et al. (Asbestos Litigation – San Francisco, CA)
  • SCWC v. Aerojet (Environmental – Sacramento, CA)
  • Spatial v. Autodesk (Intellectual Property – Marin County, CA)
  • Stone v. Subaru (Personal Injury/Auto Mfg. Liability – Brooke County, WV)

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