Breanna Olson

Breanna Olson

Trial Consultant

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Breanna Olson is a Trial Consultant with JuryScope. With a background in the social sciences, Ms. Olson is an expert in human behavior and decision-making in the legal system. She has experience consulting on a variety of civil and criminal cases, from conducting large group surveys, including change of venue and community attitude surveys, to assisting in the development of juror questionnaires, to moderating in-person and virtual focus groups and mock trials. 

Ms. Olson also specializes in organizing research projects across the country and analyzing the qualitative and quantitative mock juror data each study yields. She reviews demographic information to ensure representative samples for focus groups and mock juries, monitors the recruitment of the highest-quality mock jurors, and arranges the logistical details for each unique project. 



Ms. Olson is a graduate of Centre College, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience. She is a doctoral student at Arizona State University studying Law and Psychology. Ms. Olson researches juror and jury attitude formation and decision-making, as well as techniques to elicit attitudinal predictors of legally relevant juror biases during voir dire. Ms. Olson is based in Arizona. 


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