Johanna Hillard, President of JuryScope, has extensive trial consulting experience with an expertise in complex litigation.  Her experience covers both state and federal court in venues across the country.  Having been retained on hundreds of cases, her consulting experience includes using juror and judge mock trials and focus groups to delve into the key issues in a case.  Ms. Hillard’s work in opening statement analysis, theme development, jury selection assistance, and research design has proven invaluable for our clients in preparation for jury trials and bench trials alike. 

Ms. Hillard has prepared hundreds of witnesses foreign and domestic, lay and expert, from all backgrounds and levels of expertise.  Her assistance with witnesses allows the trial team to focus on the content of the examination while preparing the best face of that witness and ensuring their testimony supports the message to the jury. 

Ms. Hillard has also assisted developing juror questionnaires, preparing judge and attorney jury voir dire questions and, of course, providing in-court assistance in jury selection.  She also has extensive experience developing the protocol for and conducting post-trial juror interviews where permitted.

Outside of litigation, Ms. Hillard has lectured and served as a panel member on a wealth of topics related to trial consulting. 


Service Areas

  • Intellectual Property
  • Antitrust
  • Product Liability
  • Securities
  • Class Actions
  • Criminal Law
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Employer Liability



The list below provides representative matters for which Ms. Hillard has been retained. As most work is barred from discussion by protective order and confidentiality requirements, these matters are listed with permission from the trial team:

  • Versata Software v. SAP (Patent Litigation – Marshall (EDTX), TX)

  • Case IH v. Kinze Mfg. (Patent Litigation – Wilmington, DE)

  • CGI v. Illumina (Patent Litigation – Wilmington, DE)
  • DTB v. ATP (Anti-trust Litigation – Wilmington, DE)

  • O2 Micro v. MPS (Patent Litigation – Oakland, CA)

  • IO v. Sercel (Patent Litigation – Texarkana (EDTX), TX)

  • W.L. Gore v. C.R. Bard (Patent Litigation – Wilmington, DE)

  • Compuware v. IBM (Patent Litigation – Detroit, MI)

  • State of Utah v. Workman (White Collar Crime – Salt Lake City, UT)

  • Edminston v. Diversitech General, et al. (Asbestos Litigation – San Francisco, CA)

  • Active Video v. Verizon (Patent Litigation – Norfolk, VA)

  • Farrell v. US Bank (Age Discrimination – Minneapolis, MN)

  • United States of America v. Dr. Louis Tomasetta and Eugene Hovanec (Criminal – New York, NY)

  • Unsworth v. Musk (Defamation – Los Angeles, CA)



Ms. Hillard earned her J.D. from the University of Minnesota Law School and graduated magna cum laude from Washington University. She is a non-practicing member of the State Bar of California and the State Bar of Minnesota. Ms. Hillard is based in Minnesota.

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