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Lynn Fahey, PhD

Senior Trial Consultant

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Lynn Fahey is a Senior Trial Consultant with JuryScope. Dr. Fahey is an expert in human behavior. Her research, including qualitative and quantitative projects, has appeared at venues across the country. Dr. Fahey leverages data to teach her clients about jury behavior from data (proprietary data and other sources). Her recent projects include building a dataset that combines a decade of written juror comments and tracking quantitative changes in juror opinion polls collected by JuryScope for the last 25 years.

Dr. Fahey advises clients on designing research studies to get the best data based on their unique cases. In addition to traditional mock trials and focus groups, Dr. Fahey has designed numerous non-traditional studies, including multi-group multi-city studies for venue comparison, fully online mock trials and arbitrations, in-person socially-distanced mock exercises with public health protocols in place, and multi-panel focus groups with each group discussing a different substantive area of the case.

In addition to pre-trial research, Dr. Fahey works with clients to translate complex arguments into easy to understand stories for any jury. Interacting constantly with mock and real jurors all over the country and teaching adult learners has tuned her ear to bring their facts down to a level that is digestible for a non-expert. Her work in this area includes: providing feedback on opening statements, working with counsel throughout trial to compose a cogent and convincing closing argument, preparing witnesses for trial, and opining on graphics.


  • California Institute of Technology v. Broadcom et al.
  • Juno Therapeutics, Inc., Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research v. Kite Pharma Inc.
  • Planned Parenthood et al. v. Center for Medical Progress, et al.
  • United States of America v. Katherine P. Kealoha, Louis M. Kealoha, Derek Wayne Hahn, Ming-Hung Ngyuen, and Gordon Shiraishi



Dr. Fahey graduated with honors from Texas A&M University Corpus Christi with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She earned a master’s degree in Sociology and a Ph.D. in Sociology from Rice University. In addition to her consulting work with JuryScope, Dr. Fahey is an adjunct professor teaching Sociology and Criminology at Mount Saint Mary’s University in Los Angeles.

Dr. Fahey regularly teaches CLEs and makes presentations and authors publications on juror perceptions and bias. Dr. Fahey is based in California.

Recent publications include:

  • “Studying the Post-Pandemic Juror by Generation” Law360 (June 2020)
  • “Conducting Jury Research When You Can’t Gather in Groups – Law360” (May 2020)
  • “Understanding the Role of Education In Juror Bias” Law360 (Feb 2019)
  • “The Millennial Juror’s Thoughts on IP” Law360 (July 2018)
  • “Mitigating Juror Distrust of Business” Law360 (May 2018)

Recent presentation topics include:

  • COVID-19 Pandemic and juror perceptions
  • Jury Selection 101
  • Race and juror perceptions

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