Virtual Jury Research

When an in-person exercise is not feasible, trial teams and their clients can still gain valuable insight into key case issues and witness testimony through a mock juror virtual exercise.

Virtual Directed Focus Group

The Virtual Directed Focus Group is designed for trial teams who would like to gain issue-specific feedback on their case to use in preparation for trial, discovery, mediation/settlement, or subsequent jury research. The focus group format can also be used to gauge juror reactions to the substance and presentation of the actual opening statement draft and to then refine the message accordingly before the trial.

A group of surrogate jurors representative of the trial venue will answer an online questionnaire to obtain basic demographic information and opinion polls including any questions submitted to the court in a jury questionnaire or information likely to be obtained in voir dire. This information can then be used to better understand their responses to the substance presented. 

On the day of the test, groups of surrogate jurors will gather virtually via a web-based video chat platform without any knowledge of the case or purpose of the exercise. Based on their demographic characteristics, JuryScope moderators will divide the respondents into groups they will remain in for the duration of the exercise. Each JuryScope moderator then introduces the jurors to the subject via a short summary of the case. 

A JuryScope moderator will present the first issue for testing by reading a script accompanied by any graphics or evidence to supplement that test. Jurors then provide their private reactions to this case issue via an online questionnaire. Following this, the moderators will lead their groups as jurors discuss their reactions to the first issue. This protocol is then repeated for each issue identified before the exercise. In each instance, the jurors will provide their private reactions in a juror questionnaire before discussions begin.

Virtual Mock Trial 

The purpose of this exercise is to obtain case-as-a-whole feedback from a large number of mock jurors who participate via a secure website using their home computers with internet capability. This gives the trial team and client a look at how the jurors process the case issues together similar to an in-person mock trial and closer to the experience of how the case would be tried.

This exercise is set up in two phases; the first being a moderated materials review. A group of participants is selected whose demographics mirror those of the target venue. Participants answer a demographic and opinion questionnaire that also delves into relevant experiences. Then, at an appointed time, a group of participants log into a web-based video platform to view pre-recorded case presentations from each side. After each presentation, mock jurors will answer additional questionnaires to provide detailed feedback on the case presentations. After hearing from both parties and reading key jury instructions, participants fill out a verdict form and provide their rationales for their verdicts.

In phase two of the exercise, the jurors will log on in smaller groups for discussion and a deeper dive into the issues. Time permitting, after deliberations conclude, brief clips of key witnesses can be played to the group. Their feedback on the witnesses can be collected via an online questionnaire, through discussion, or a combination of both.

Virtual Witness Evaluation Research

Virtual Witness Evaluation Research allows the trial team to test key witnesses in front of a group of jurors reflective of the trial venue. More focused on witness testimony than a full mock trial, witness evaluation research allows the trial team a glimpse into jurors’ reactions to certain witnesses and perspective on what case information jurors pull from selected witness testimony. This type of evaluation can be instructive in preparing witnesses for trial, as well as selecting which witnesses will be instrumental in telling the case story. Witness presentations are best presented in video segments rather than live.


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